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The Bomb Booch

Brand Identity

Cheeky brand identity and packaging for a set of four 'hardcore' kombucha drinks.
Bomb Booch Set.png

Not your basic booch! The Bomb Booch concept is inspired by bright and funky retro stickers from the 90s combined with a more modern “emoji” style illustration. Each label has a sassy and feminine conceptual name that matches with varying facial expressions and sunglasses of each character.

Booch Pattern_web.png
Booch Logo_web.png

The lips, colours, and sunglasses change for each package, representing the different moods and personalties of the target audience. The lips from each face are also used as a background pattern on the design.

Bomb Booch_web.png

Each conceptual name has a cheeky and lighthearted approach to match with the young, feminine vibe of the brand. A personal favourite is 'Let That Man-Go' for the mango, lime, vodka flavour.


Mood Board, Logo Sketches & Flat Labels

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