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Smooth Operator

Brand Identity & App Design

Vibrant & soulful branding/app for a Mocktail Lounge inspired by the music of the Sade.

Bringing neon lights to the jungle! Smooth Operator is a smoothie bar by day and mocktail jazz lounge by night. Inspired by the soulful music of Sade– it takes a modern, fruity, tropical twist on old school jazz and funk lounges. Bringing together good people, good music, and nourishing plant-based mocktails.


The design is inspired by the Chicago and New York jazz scene from the 80s and 90s, highlighting the connection with 'neon sign' style typography and a mic to represent live music. Each mocktail is named after a famous Sade song title and uses neon fruit elements mixed with tropical plants. The mocktail infusions packaging features the alternative neon SO logo.

Mobile App

Bringing the soulful lounge experience of Smooth Operator into your home and hands. The app is designed to feature the curated SO playlists, social media, recipes, reservations, and events calendar.

Smooth App2_web_edited.png
Smooth_Pic1 copy.png
Smooth Record.png


Concept Board, Mood Board, Logo Sketches, Target Audience & Overview

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