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Ada & Evie

Brand Identity

A luxury skin care collection inspired by the rich, indulgent fabrics of Victorian era fashion. 
Ada & Evie Skincare.png

Skin care meets fashion! The concept for this brand was to create a high-end, all natural skin care line that captures the richness of the fabrics and layers seen in Victorian era fashion. Ada meaning “adornment” and Evie meaning “life". Both these names were popular during the Victorian era.

Ada Logo_pink.png
AdaEvie blue_web.png

The name Ada & Evie was also chosen for the brand as a play on the “Adam & Eve” story. But instead, it uses two female names to represent a female partnership and empowerment as a women owned company. The conceptual names for each product connects back to the Adam & Eve story as well.

AdaEvie Yellow_web.png

The design solution was to use images of rich, vibrant fabrics that have the appearance of being draped over the box packaging and using a monochromatic variation of the logo to match each product in the series.

Ada pink box.png


Mood Board, Logo Sketches & Flat Labels

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